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published SEPTEMBER 20, 2010, 13:00
Reed Smith works in collaboration with arts charity Create to transform the lives of vulnerable women through art

Create offers creative:u~turn to vulnerable women in Tower Hamlets

Sarah Ramwell, CSR Manager at Reed Smith, take part in the jewellery workshopsBetween September 2010 and April 2011, the dynamic creative arts charity, Create will be running creative:u~turn, a major new creative arts programme for women who attend U-Turn Project. U-Turn is a charity that works with vulnerable and hard to reach women of all ages who have been trapped in cycles of prostitution, drug addiction, physical abuse and homelessness from a young age. The project has been funded by international law firm, Reed Smith LLP (Reed Smith), and will consist of four series of seven half-day workshops, each of which will be run by one of Create’s professional artists and assisted by two different RS volunteers each week.
creative:u~turn has been designed by Create to give extremely vulnerable women an opportunity to explore their creativity and learn new creative skills; share with and support one another, helping to breakdown barriers and build trust and shared understanding; develop transferable life skills (including teamwork and communication); and gain self-confidence and self-esteem. In the long-term, it is hoped that these skills may help them to self-determine their future in their own communities.
Over the course of the seven months, the women will work with four of Create’s professional artists and Reed Smith volunteers, to make jewellery, design a textile banner, write poems and song lyrics, and compose music. The jewellery workshops will focus on making stunning jewellery pieces as well as Christmas decorations and a Christmas bunting to go up in U-Turn Centre. During the art workshops, the women will be illustrating their own recipe cards and creating a banner to represent what U~Turn Project means to them.
creative:u~turn will culminate in the production of a printed booklet and a CD of the music created, providing an important, achievable goal for the participants that will help to raise their sense of self-worth. Each will receive a copy. They will also be able to keep the jewellery and artwork that they produce, and will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement, providing them with a tangible record of their achievements. Reed Smith will also provide the women with calendars showcasing their work which they can give to friends and family or sell in an effort to raise funds for U-Turn.
Speaking about creative:u~turn, Create’s Co-founder and Executive Director, Nicky Goulder, said: “Through creative:u~turn, Create aims to reach out to some of the most vulnerable women in East London and give them a chance to be do something creative and confidence-building in a safe, familiar environment. I am delighted that Create’s partnership with Reed Smith has enabled us to develop this incredibly important new project and we are deeply grateful to them for their financial supported coupled with dedicated staff involvement. This project has the potential to make an important impact on the lives of extremely marginalised women and it is a privilege for us to have this opportunity.”
Sarah Ramwell, CSR Manager at Reed Smith, remarked: “Reed Smith is very proud to continue its partnerships with both Create and U-Turn Project and to bring them together on this exciting programme. creative:u~turn will provide an important opportunity for us to engage with our local community – a core commitment for us as a business – and our employees are very excited to be a part of that.”
Rio Vella, Project Director of U-Turn Project, commented: “ U-Turn is a small project working with some of the most vulnerable women in our society. Big corporates usually only support big charities with smaller hard working charities missing out. We at U-Turn are very impressed with Reed Smith’s commitment to supporting our small charity and the vulnerable women U-Turn works with. By teaming up with Create, Reed Smith will be giving the women U-Turn works with the opportunity to express there creativity in an informal way and hopefully give them the courage to share knowledge they didn’t know they had. This is an opportunity for the women to express a side of them that is mostly hidden, and in many cases are unaware of.”






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